Tales from the Vienna Woods

Marianne (Birgit Doll) is driven from her father's home when she is impregnated by Alfred (Hanno Poeschi), a vagabond loafer who abandons her after he has his fun. She goes to Vienna and takes a job in a strip club to provide for herself and her baby. Her father discovers his daughter's tawdry vocation when he and his buddies go to the club for a night of leering and drinking. Marianne later has no choice but to go back to the butcher to whom her father promised her in marriage before she fell for Alfred. The story is taken from a play by Oedoen Von Horath and is directed with flair by Maximilian Schell. Watch for silent movie star Lil Dagover playing the role of Helene.
  • Metteur en scèneMaximilian Schell
  • AuteurChristopher Hampton, Maximilian Schell
  • Directeur de la photoKlaus König
  • ActeursBirgit Doll, Hanno Pöschl, Helmut Qualitinger, Götz Kaufmann, Adrienne Gessner, André Heller u.v.a.
  • MusiqueToni Stricker
  • ProducteurBernd Eichinger, Maximilian Schell
  • PaysGermany Austria
  • GenreFilm
  • Année1979
  • Métrage90 min
  • SujetAvortement
  • LanguesGerman

  • Genre Film
  • Année 1979
  • Métrage 90 min
  • Sujet Avortement
  • Pays Germany Austria
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