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ROSITA, an hour-long documentary by award-winning filmmakers Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater, traces a young girl's journey from innocent victim to unwitting victor. When a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl becomes pregnant as a result of a rape, her parents — illiterate campesinos working in Costa Rica — seek a legal "therapeutic" abortion to save their only child's life. Their quest pits them against the governments of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the medical establishment, and the Catholic Church. When their story gains international media attention the repercussions ripple across Latin America and Europe.

". . . only the most hardhearted of viewers will not be moved by the quandaries faced by Rosita and her impoverished but proud family."
— Video Librarian , March, 2006
  • Metteur en scèneBarbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
  • AuteurMaría López Vigil
  • Directeur de la photoPeter Brownscombe, Sylvie Rokab
  • ProducteurBarbara Attie and Janet Goldwater
  • PaysUSA
  • GenreDocumentary
  • Année2005
  • Métrage60 min
  • SujetAvortement
  • LanguesSpanish
  • Website
  • Sous-titresEnglish, Spanish

  • Genre Documentary
  • Année 2005
  • Métrage 60 min
  • Sujet Avortement
  • Pays USA
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