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Sophie (Katharina Schuttler) is in the arms of her boyfriend Manu (Alexander Beyer) for an unidentified crisis in her life. As the consoling takes a turn toward intimacy, Sophie tears herself away from Manu, takes his motorcycle, and races maniacally toward downtown Hamburg. Henceforth, Sophie spends an evening narrowly escaping various dangerous situations, ranging from sexually provoking a group of macho barflies that nearly ends in her rape to whoring herself to a man she randomly meets on the street. After one particularly long ride in a cab, she reveals her current situation to the cab's driver, Aziz (Ercan Durmaz): She is 11 weeks pregnant from a rapist and hasn't yet decided what to do with the baby. After meeting with Manu one last time, she has one last pivotal sexual encounter with a stranger that sends her into her deepest emotional spiral of the night.
  • DirectorMichael Hofmann
  • AuthorMichael Hofmann
  • CameraChristopher Rowe, Detlev Schneider
  • ActorsKatharina Schüttler, Alexander Beyer, Martin Brambach, Ercan Durmaz..
  • MusicRaz Ohara, Frank Popp
  • produced byMark Glaeser
  • CountriesGermany
  • GenreFilm
  • Year2003
  • Length108 min
  • TopicAbortion
  • LanguagesGerman

  • Genre Film
  • Year 2003
  • Length 108 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries Germany
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