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THE FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE: Abortion in the United States Today

As a result of restrictive legislation, cutbacks in funding, and sieges of harassment and violence, access to legal abortion is declining. THE FRAGILE PROMISE of CHOICE examines how these conditions have affected the lives of providers and the women who seek their services.
"Using sensitive interviews and strong archival footage, these films document the complexity of this issue with accuracy and compassion."

SARAH WEDDINGTON - Attorney, Roe v. Wade
  • DirectorDorothy Fadiman
  • CameraDaniel Meyers, Blake McHugh
  • produced byDorothy Fadiman, Beth Seltzer, Concentric Media
  • CountriesUSA
  • GenreDocumentary
  • Year1996
  • Length58 min
  • TopicAbortion
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • SubtitlesSpanish

  • Genre Documentary
  • Year 1996
  • Length 58 min
  • Topic Abortion
  • Countries USA
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