Let abortion be quiet

38 years after the law authorizing abortion in France, the film attempts to show the everyday work in the center of the family planning Kremlin Bicetre Hospital, to enable women to be welcomed in the best possible conditions. Working in a family planning centre is not a business like any other. Heirs / heiresses of MLAC (Freedom Movement of abortion and contraception) professional (the) s aggregated (s) in the National Association of centers of abortion and contraception (ANCIC) remain mobilized to defend a right constantly challenged, when more than 150 abortion centers were closed in 10 years or street prayers anti-abortion resume in force as at Tenon Hospital in Paris. Nurse (s), doctors, midwives, social workers, psychologists, marital counselors, they are militants to allow women to abort in peace, so that we constantly reshuffle their ears with contraception as soon as' it comes to abortion, to make it clear that the fetus depends on the parental project, not those of states or churches.
  • RegisseurAlima Arouali, François Bernard
  • AutorAlima Arouali, François Bernard
  • produziert vonLes Films d'Alice, Alice Guy Production
  • LänderFrance
  • GenreDocumentary
  • Jahr2013
  • Länge48 min
  • ThemaAbbruch
  • SprachenFrench

  • Genre Documentary
  • Jahr 2013
  • Länge 48 min
  • Thema Abbruch
  • Länder France
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