Focus: Education against demographic explosions

On the Philippines every two hours a woman dies, each hour seven children and three newborn die. Already 100 Billion people are living there. The birth rate on the Philippines is so high that the nation can't afford to feed everyone and the Philippines are also too poor to afford the neccesary imports for a healthy living. Countless women decide to have an abortion out of despair. The interventions on the Philippines that is highly influenced by the Catholic believes are forbidden - and dangerous. Additionally, a lot of mothers are feeding their babies with milk powder. A trend that can end deadly for a baby as the powder is being mixed with polluted water. A lot of things are missing here - first and formore education.
  • LänderAustria
  • GenreReport
  • Jahr2015
  • Länge28 min
  • ThemaVerhütung
  • SprachenGerman

  • Genre Report
  • Jahr 2015
  • Länge 28 min
  • Thema Verhütung
  • Länder Austria
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