The Abortion Wars: The Rise of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers have been around for a few decades, but with over 30 million dollars of funding from the Bush Administration, they are on the rise and increasingly becoming medicalized. There are now over 4,000 of these Christian-based anti-abortion counseling clinics in the U.S. and 200 in Canada -- far out-numbering abortion clinics. This Sextv special goes into two out-spoken U.S. pregnancy clinics to uncover the newest strategy in the abortion war.
  • RegisseurSexTV, CTV Globemedia, Canada
  • SchauspielerJoyce Arthur, Julie Bevel, Andrea Brown, Carmen Cartaya, Allyson Kirk etc.
  • MusikJoel S. Silver
  • LänderCanada
  • GenreReport
  • Jahr2007
  • Länge27 min
  • ThemaAbbruch
  • SprachenEnglish

  • Genre Report
  • Jahr 2007
  • Länge 27 min
  • Thema Abbruch
  • Länder Canada
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