I cannot remain silent any longer Because of the violation of the § 218, the so-called "abortion law", a gynecologist must stand trial. He is accused in three cases: The first case concerns a 16-year old girl who became pregnant at a rape, in the second case it comes to a child-rich working woman who can barely feed their family and in the third count, the death of a pregnant girl negotiated, which was dismissed by the doctor - a…
Film 86 min

Thema: Abbruch
The doctor says An idealistic young doctor (Tadeusz Lomnicki) takes a job at a woman's hospital in this routine medical drama. He loses his confidence and questions whether the medical field is right for him before a series of interactions between patients and their families restores his faith and dedication to heal the afflicted. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie Guide A mother of three children is refused an abortion…
Film 83 min
Germany Switzerland

Thema: Abbruch
Up the Junction The English director Ken Loach is a true master and always expresses his political and social concerns cinematically. In this semi-documentary early work he deals, among other things, with the topic of abortion. Loach made Up the Junction for the BBC series "Wednesday Play” in 1965. When it was first broadcast, it had nearly ten million viewers and provoked heated debates. Not only its portrayal …
Film 72 min
Great Britain

Thema: Abbruch